Monday, October 12, 2009

The BlackBerry Dilemma

Two years ago, I decided that I absolutely needed a BlackBerry.  You know, so I could have access to the important things in life at all times.  Important things like my personal Gmail account and Facebook.  So I took the plunge and got myself a cute little BlackBerry Pearl and a monthly phone bill double what I was previously paying.  Fast forward two years to today...I'm paying 80 bucks a month to Verizon and don't even come close to utilizing all of my phone's features.

Verizon has a "New Every Two" deal where you get a $50 credit towards a new phone every two years.  (Which is totally lame because it used to be a $100 credit.  Don't think you can fool me, Verizon.)  My two years is up, and if I want to get a new phone, I can cash in on my $50 credit.  The dilemma I go back to a regular cell phone or get another BlackBerry??  (Or...switch to AT&T for an iPhone?)  As much as I love rolling over in bed each morning when I wake up and checking my Gmail on my BlackBerry, or using the google maps application when I'm hopelessly lost, which I admit is really nice, is it worth an extra $40 a month?  I'm thinking no.  So with that, I think I've made my decision.  It's back to a ho-hum cell phone for me.  No bells and whistles.  Time to get moving on my research to see what's out there!


  1. I have a regular phone and it works for me. But I have to say that I am always wanting a Blackberry. I like your blog. :o)



  2. I have been wanting an iPhone for a year but just can't bring myself to shell out the extra cash for the phone AND the plan.