Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

I will be the first to say, I am not as "green" as I should be.  It's something I'd like to work on though.  Don't tell anyone, but I didn't even recycle when I lived in my apartment.  Since I've moved into my house, I have started recycling, which at least is a small step.  Having a bin in my garage makes it easy.

One product I do use, which I love because they're not only eco-friendly, but stylish too, are these cute reusable shopping bags called hotSACKS.  I sometimes get funny questions from the cashiers and baggers about the "hotSACKS" name, but everyone seems to think they're fun.  Way better than the boring ones you can buy at the grocery store!

Something I'd like to look into is a rain barrel, now that I have a house and a yard.  I'd love to start a little vegetable garden, and am wanting to do some flowers in the front yard.  A rain barrel would be great for watering!  Young House Love did a post today on rain barrels, and it has inspired me!

Happy Earth Day!

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