Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bag Love

As a reward to myself for my new job Since I'll be doing some traveling for my new job, I'll be needing a good bag that I can carry on the plane and to the meetings I'll be attending (which means it will need to be big enough to accommodate a laptop).  I've been doing some hunting on eBay, and this is what I've come up with.  Except I can't decide.  Black or brown??  I tend to like bags in the brown / neutral family more than black, but most of my work clothes, including my suits, are mostly in the black and gray family.  And when I travel, I'll be attending meetings where I'll need to wear a suit.  So black seems like it would get more use, if I want my bag to coordinate with my clothes.

What do you think?  Please forgive the not-so-great photos.  They're swiped from eBay and since these are past season bags, I can't find a better picture online.

Black Coach bag?

Or brown Kate Spade?

Don't judge me, but I'm considering getting both.  Or maybe buying one now and asking for one for Christmas...


  1. I like the brown Kate Spade bag. But I think the black and gray one will look nice with your work outfits. I would get them both and don't feel guilty. :o)



  2. I love them both too! Just get them both. You deserve it for getting the new job! :-)