Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dumpster Diving - Fab Find

On Monday, I was leaving my apartment to head into work when I swung by the dumpster to drop off a bag of trash.  As I was driving up, I saw a girl walking that way with a big glass vase in her hand.  When I got closer, I saw that she had set three big glass vases and one tall wooden vase beside the dumpster.  Hello DIY project!  I loitered around until she left so she wouldn't think I was a nutso, then I swooped in and picked those puppies up.  I'm not a fan of the color / design of them (they just wouldn't go with my decor), but I like the shape of the vases - with a little DIY upgrade, I think I can make them into something great!

Here's my loot:

I'm pretty sure they're all Pier 1, because one of them has a Pier 1 price tag on the bottom ($45!) and they all match (except for the random wood one).  Score one for me on the dumpster dive!

I have no shame that I pulled these from beside a dumpster.  It's not that bad if I saw the person actually put them there, right?

Stay tuned for what I decide to do with them!

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